The man who could not believe Marks & Spencer was open to the public

Through unique circumstances, an ordinary man who had been sent from Ukraine to Siberia was invited to London during the Soviet era. His son, who had become a British MP, took his father to Oxford Street. The father literally did not believe that Marks & Spencer was open to everyone. He was sure it could only be available to party members.

Inside the Stasi prison in East Berlin

Vera Lengsfeld returns to the Stasi prison where she was held and tells how you could be imprisoned just for thinking of doing something that the state did not allow.

Was there resistance to the Communist regime in Romania?

Ioanna Voicu-Arnautoiu was born in a forest where her parents were resisting the Communist take-over of Romania. Eventually her parents were captured. The first and last photo of her mother that she has is the one taken by the Securitate, the secret police.